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Editor-in-Chief: Dr.Sc., Prof. P.A.Sozinov

Published from 2014

Scientific and technical journal

Certificate of registration: PI No FS77-63487

Publication periodicity: quarterly

ISSN 2311-830X

© PJSC “ALMAZ R&P Corp.”,

16-80, Leningradskiy prospect, 125190 Moscow, Russia

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The “Aerospace Defense Herald” («Vestnik vozdušno-kosmičeskoj oborony») scientific and technical review journal publishes mate-rials on military-theoretical, scientific-technical and design-engineering issues in development, deploying and performance of the aero-space defense system and elements of the Russian Federation associated with public data.

The journal staff maintains contacts with various leading scientific organizations of the military-industrial complex, MSU Graduate School, Russian Ministry of Defense, participating in the state military-technical policy implementation that provides a high level of published materials.


  • Topical issues on Aerospace defense systems and elements arrangement
  • Aerospace defense systems and components application
  • Design-engineering and technological research works
  • IT applied application tasks
  • Foreign experience analytic research
  • Scientific reviews and reference



V.M.Aldoshin, Dr.Sc., Prof. (Deputy Editor), A.S.Sumin, Dr.Sc., Prof. (Deputy Editor), D.A.Lemansky, Ph.D. (Secretary), M.A.Gorbachyev, Dr.Sc., M.A. Gorevich, Dr.Sc., Prof., N.S.Gubonin, Dr.Sc., Prof., A.I.Danilenko, Dr.Sc., M.V.Zhestev, Ph.D., G.V.Zaytsev, Dr.Sc., A.B.Ignatyev, Dr.Sc., Prof., V.A.Kashin, Dr.Sc., Prof., S.K.Kolganov, Dr.Sc., Prof., V.I.Kolesnichenko, Dr.Sc., Prof., Yu.N.Kofanov, Dr.Sc., Prof., V.S.Okoneshnikov, Dr.Sc., A.A.Paramonov, Dr.Sc., Prof., N.V.Radchuk, Dr.Sc., Prof., S.P.Sokolov, Dr.Sc., P.I.Starikovsky, Dr.Sc., A.F.Strakhov, Dr.Sc., Prof., A.A.Trukhachev, Dr.Sc., Yu.G.Shatrakov, Dr.Sc., Prof., N.S.Shcherbakov, Dr.Sc., Prof.

Editor-in-Chief: Dr.Sc., Prof. P.A.Sozinov.



70-летие Великой Победы

70-летие Великой Победы


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